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About Me

Hello there. So this is the hardest part...telling you about me. I've always loved flowers since I was a little girl. I remember picking buttercups and violets from the meadow next to our house when I was five years old and turning them into tiny bouquets secured with the longest blade of grass that I could find. I also loved making leis out of white, fluffy clover flowers for my dolls. Fast forward to many years later...well, I finally met a guy who made me very happy and married him in May of 2019. During our wedding planning, I decided that I would make and design all the flower arrangements and decor for our wedding, including the favors, our ring pillow, and many more. It was a huge task, but I loved and enjoyed every minute of it that I decided to start my own business. If you love what you see in my portfolio and/or Instagram page, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

- Sandra 

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